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It's been slow going as I have been forced to a small area of the property to allow for bow hunters. The round area could be from two things: The sprue from the field mold casting or the ram made it when loading. Rifles in .40 to .45 were common, but smaller caliber rifles were made as well.

So far, I have found head stamps dating late 1800's through modern. I've personally handled an original rifle that mic'd at .31 caliber.

The easiest way to sort them is to put them in a tray of 50 or 100 and shine a light into the case. On the Lee decap universal--Broke the first pin ten minutes into the batch. Dillon considers the pins exspendables, I also bent the pins holder or inside bolt assembly on this batch too.

It seems the batch has been cleaned in a corncob mix only and it caked or dried inside the cases.

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