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I tried with new model (never generate controller before), didn't work. I was wondering if anyone knew how to update the files (adding/removing/updating an attribute) produced by using the scaffold generator in ruby on rails.Assume that you have Student and Course entity classes initially and you want to use code-based migration for your application.Before running the commands above, you must enable migration for your application, by using the enable-migrations commands. I've created a bunch of views for my models and then I've changed them.Is there another way other than re-naming some files or creating another solution and copying stuff?

In this article I’ll detail those steps that I needed to take on the EF side, in order to build a fully featured web application to work with the Adventure Works database.The accepted answer tells how to get the SQL for a already scaffolded model change before applying to the database.The original question regarded model changes pre-scaffolding (i.e.For example: scaffold student name:string lastname:string so this will create a the associate files (controller,view,etc) with name and lastname as string attributes.When you db:migrate the project, it'll create the table in the database.

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(from Tools → Library Package Manager → Package Manager Console).

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