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The two would end up switching with Shannen becoming the lead actress of the show.3.Originally, Phoebe Halliwell was played by Lori Rom who dropped out after the pilot was shot due personal reasons.Longtime blogger Chaviva Galatz, formerly the Jewish blogosphere’s Kvetching Editor, has essentially deleted her blog, removing years of back posts that delved into her personal journey as a Reform then Orthodox convert. Because about her life, her observance, and her feelings surrounding her own Judaism.Uniquely for an Orthodox blogger, Galatz shared the detailed joys and sorrows of her emotional journey through conversion(s), Jewish learning, marriage, divorce, joining and leaving a traditional community, and inter-dating.

Originally Holly read for Prue while Shannen read for Piper.

But to the most small-minded of Orthodox, like Curtis and her cohorts, it’s obvious fact. Actually, if you disagree and you’re not Orthodox, I’m sure Curtis couldn’t care less.

In the eyes of Jews like that, you just aren’t Jewish. For the past several months since unexpected circumstances forced upheaval in Galatz’s life, she has been the recipient of online and offline (including blog comments, Facebook comments, IMs, emails, etc.) of pointed, judgmental, fear-mongering messages from other Orthodox Jews–including Curtis–begging, blasting, criticizing, shaming, and, in some cases, name-calling Galatz in a very sick attempt to get her to live her life quietly.

Rumor has it, it was because her church did not agree with her playing a witch.4.

After Shannen Doherty was fired, the network had 3 major contenders to replace Doherty.

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Along the way she spread a not inconsiderable amount of Jewish love, kindness, open-mindedness, fair-handedness, and most of all, friendship, nationally across the Jewish blogosphere–and across denominational lines.

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